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English Pronunciation

Symbol or combination English Example Spanish Example

Vowels and Diphthongs/Vocales y Dipthongs
ː (length mark) This should appear like a colon (:).  Some versions of Internet Explorer have a bug which makes it not appear correctly.  
æ bat, apple  
ɑː farm, calm  
e set, less perro
ə above, porter  
ɜː fern, work  
ɪ tip, pity  
see, been vino
ɒ rot, wash corra, torre
ɔː bail, board por
ʊ soot, full  
root, fool  
ʌ come, rum, blood  
lie, fry fraile, vais
now, plough pausa, sauce
fate, say, waiter  
əʊ ago, also, note  
ɛə there, rare, fair  
ɪə here, interior, fear  
ɔɪ toy, voice voy
ʊə allure, pure  

b bet, able tumbar, umbrio
d dime, mended conde, andar
g go, agog grande, rango
h hit, reheat  
j you, pure cuyo, reyes
ŋ bank, singer banco, rango
r rate, sorrow  
ʳ bear, after  
s sit, scent casa, sesión
v vine, river  
w wine, bewail huevo, puede
z zero, roses desde, mismo
ʒ rouge, leisure, french: jour, jalousie
page, jail  
ʃ shame, ocean french: chambre, fiche
much, chuck  
θ thin, maths zumbar, ciento
ð this, other todo, hablando
x loch joven, rojo

The phonetic symbols are Unicode symbols.  Tosee them, you need a Unicode font and a browser/navigator that can usethem.

Browsers:  Netscape 4 will not display the symbols correctly. Please upgrade to Netscape 7.
Fonts:  For Windows, "Lucida Sans Unicode" is standard forWindows, but it might not be on your system.  Download it from thelink below.
Operating Systems: Macs supposedly support Unicode, but it doesn't seem towork well.

To download a font or other troubleshooting issues,the best placed to start is the IPAin Unicode page.

If anyone finds a good solution for Macs, write me at problems04 "at" wordreference.com..